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Music Usage, Royalties and Rights Management

Composers and rights holders lose millions in music revenue each year due to undetected and incomplete metadata on radio, TV and streaming platforms. Up to 40% is inaccurate or incomplete.

Audlytics is an integrated platform that bridges the gap for composers and music businesses to better manage music rights, earnings and future careers for a sustainable industry.

Audlytics detects music usage and rights holder data across radio, television, streaming & social media platforms. Our clients include music composers, publishers, CMO’s, labels and advertisers. 

Audlytics maximises the use of the latest technological developments, with leading service providers, to analyse all music content broadcast on these platforms. We also have strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading data and copyright companies incl. Open Music Initiative, DRX and Copyright Delta.  

“We’re on a mission to fix the metadata issue that is the single most important part of getting rights holders paid correctly”platforms we monitor.

Music Usage

Integration of sophisticated automatic content recognition and tracking capabilities to generate insightful data for music creators, publishers, CMO’s , broadcasters, ad agencies & labels.

Audlytics will map data to verify logs of all music & ads broadcast across multiple music platforms.

Music Upload

To improve the record keeping and reporting on all music used within radio and TV commercials, Audlytics provides the industry with an online portal to capture all audio and associated metadata for more accurate audio detections.

Accurate Detections

Our leading technology and proprietary dashboards allows for easy access to all detections and associated metadata incl. artist, title, label, ISRC & ISWC codes, composers, publishers, detected audio durations and many other analytics to ensure accurate royalty payouts or music usage.