About Us

Audlytics detects music usage and rights holder data across radio and television. Our clients include music composers, publishers, CMO's, labels and advertisers.

About the Company

Audlytics is a partnership with Cape Town based Media Host.

The company is tech-savvy and solutions driven, revolutionising the management, validation and detection of all music content in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have sourced and combined leading industry technologies and workflows, and partnered with expert local and international businesses to position ourselves as the leading music usage & data monitoring service provider. We’re recognised by our clients for high levels of accuracy and independence.

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Media Host is the exclusive licensee for Adstream, a cloud-based, creative collaboration platform allowing Brands, Agencies, Production and Post Production companies to effectively work together to create, manage and deliver content on a global scale.

Audlytics tracks the broadcast of music on radio and TV, adverts, promotions and music videos. We verify music usage and provide near real-time reports on all aspects of compliance. Locally we’re monitoring over 120 TV and 120 Radio stations and expanding to broaden our services in Sub-Saharan Africa.