Audlytics Distro

the simplest and most cost effective way to get your music online


  • Free iTunes pre-orders
  • Free delivery to new stores
  • Free pre-saves and release day smartURLs
  • Dedicated support team
  • Royalty Payments direct to your bank account

from R99,99...

  • R99,99 for 3 tracks
  • R149,99 for an album
  • Global music distribution to 150+ services
  • Reach millions of music users in Africa
  • Reach 500 million music users in China
  • Keep 100% of your copyright
  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes

Royalty Advance

Access your future royalties now!

  • Itching to tour, but can’t afford the flights?
  • Need funds for PR, Marketing, Recording & Production?
  • Looking to press your latest album on vinyl?

With DISTROadvance you could be eligible to access your future streaming royalties to help fund the next stage in your career.

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